Project Description

Replace Ultrasonic Hand Cutters

Product Description
This ultrasonic hand cutters is ideal for long-term hand-held cutting. The biggest feature of this ultrasonic cutting machine is the replacement of the blade. If you want to cut a wide range of products, an ultrasonic cutting machine is difficult to complete all the cutting tasks, this replaceable blade ultrasonic cutting machine will be able to meet all your cutting needs.
Before purchasing this ultrasonic cutting machine, you can communicate with our technical staff about the cutting effect, cutting method, blade thickness and so on. Our technical staff will customize and develop according to your actual production requirements. Suitable for your ultrasonic cutting machine

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• Cutter for high load material with maximum output 300Watt
• Replaceable blade for use
• Easy and precise cutting force regulation
• Configurable with Ecoline, RDG and SDG Generators
• Ideal for straight cuts as well as for contours

• PP woven fabric
• Sun protection fabric
• Home textiles
• Filter fabrics
• Geotextiles
• Knitted fabrics

Name Replace Ultrasonic Hand Cutters
Types Replace Ultrasonic Blade
 Frequency  40kHz
 Power  500Watt
 Cord length  3m
 Case material  Plastic/Resin (Duracon)
 Blade thickness  1.0 mm
 Voltage  110v,50/60Hz/220V
 Customized (Yes/No)  Yes