Ultrasonic Atomizing Coating

If the spray is sprayed on the spray surface, it will seriously affect the uniformity of the coating. There are often a large number of spray dead ends and the uneven area is more than 20%. Moreover, the ordinary spraying method has a large cost of spraying materials and a low utilization rate of materials. For 5%.
Ultrasonic atomizing coating is the preparation of a good spray solution added to the solution bottle, connected to the ultrasonic atomizing spray machine power supply, atomization frequency of 40khz-120khz, atomizing spray solution, droplets through the nozzle after the deposition in the surface of the spray surface, forming a uniform Drug coating, spray time of 0.5-2 minutes; Finally, the coating is dry, because the atomized particles are extremely small (25 microns), in a very short period of time (within ten seconds) naturally dry. (Click here to learn more about ultrasonic atomization spray applications)