Project Description

HSW500 Ultrasonic Welder

Product Description
Ultrasonic Welder low-power system is CHEERSONIC latest introduction, the power requirements of 500 watts below the application. The ultrasonic welder can be used with its suitable handheld device or directly connected to the converter / supercharger / speaker stack for automation.

Ergonomics-based ultrasonic spot welders are based on hand-held welders. It is mainly used for ignition riveting, thermoplastic welding and forming. With a modular integrated circuit, the output power, easy to operate. Built-in fully automatic protection circuit to ensure safe and reliable applications, stable and reliable operation.

Ultrasonic Welder

• No welding sparks, environmental safety
• Low power consumption, good effect, small noise and small size.
• Simple operation
• Welding joints are highly sealed and the welding process is stable
• Fast, efficient and short welding time, without any flux, gas or solder

• Thermoplastics
• Non-crystalline plastic
• Semi-crystalline plastic
• Non-woven fabric
• Thermoplastic fabrics
• Polymeric materials
• Coated paper
• Mixed fabrics

 Name HSW500 Ultrasonic Welder
 Power Rating  500watts
 Frequency  40kHz
 Net weight  1.5KG
 Power Supply  CSCG1600
 Power Supply Box Size  380x235x125mm
 Voltage  110v,50/60Hz/220V
 Customized (Yes/No)  Yes