Project Description

HSC500 Ultrasonic Sealing Systems

Product Description
HSC500 Ultrasonic Sealing Systems is a flexible and convenient set of cutting and welding ultrasonic equipment, cutting the fabric at the same time welding, when the two layers of cloth is cut open the moment, the upper and lower two layers of the same texture ( Different texture) of the fabric is also precision stitching, the stitch can withstand the high value of non-pull, does not appear loose phenomenon. Advanced ultrasonic edge trimming system provides energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency for the sealing of various thermoplastic materials. Ultrasonic edge-cutting can be used for manual operation or automatic on-line production system actuators.

• Sealing strength is unaffected by contaminants such as ink, dye, powder and emulsion
• The material does not need to be preheated
• cut costs
• Seal strength up to 100%
• Adhesive material instantly solidifies

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• Fabric
• Cellulose
• Nylon
• Polyethylene
• Polypropylene

 Name  Ultrasonic Sealing System
 Model  HSC500
 Frequency  28khz
 Power  500watt
 Control  Digital Amplitude Control
 Generator Size  390*390*145mm
 Generator Type  CSG1000A