Project Description

HSC300 ultrasonic fabric sealing

Product Description
HSC300 ultrasonic fabric sealing is a set of ultrasonic energy, it can simultaneously cutting and sealing. This system is suitable for the treatment of relatively loose fabrics, loose texture of the fabric directly with the traditional sealing equipment will appear off-line sealing phenomenon, but the ultrasonic sealing equipment is the use of ultrasonic welding fabric directly connected without sutures, it can perfectly solve this Class problem. Ultrasonic sealing equipment is more economical, for the sealing surface is not much requirements of the enterprise is the ideal choice.

• Safe and stable, will not damage the fabric
• Allows fabrics with different melting points to adhere together
• Consistent material properties to ensure cutting after cutting, keeping the material soft and breathable
• Cut and seal at the same time
• High production speed and efficiency

ultrasonic fabric sealing

Ultrasonic sealing equipment is widely used in the fabric field, such as filters, disposable textiles, medical masks and so on. In addition, with the processing speed, ultrasonic sealing technology in the application of non-woven fabrics will continue to expand, can be used for processing products include:
• Health: diapers, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products, wipes;
• Medical field: hospital work clothes and surgical clothing, medical mattresses, surgical with Dianbu;
• Household products: wipes, floor wipers, ash wipes, tea bags, coffee bags, vacuum cleaner bags;
• Clothing: linings, trademarks, office supplies, CD protective bag, the book’s protective layer;
• Home Decoration: pillowcases, spring mattress covers, quilts, curtains, wallpaper;
• Industrial applications: Vinyl leather, protective jumpsuit, face shield, display hood.

 Name  HSC300 ultrasonic fabric sealing
 Model  HSC300
 Frequency  40khz
 Power  300watt
 Control  Digital Amplitude Control
 Generator Size  380*285*140mm
 Generator Type  FZ1000A