Project Description

HLC300 Hand Pushing Ultrasonic Fabric Cutter

Product Description
Ultrasonic Fabric Cutter for the precise ideal longitudinal cutting solution. This ultrasonic hand pushing cutting equipment, the cutter head is semi-circular, power 300watt. This ultrasonic hand-push cutting device can be developed as a pipe-line production equipment mounted on a cutting table due to the presence of two sliding wheels on the base of the structure which allow it to slide freely within the sliding guide.

ultrasonic fabric cutter

• Can be used standalone or in production line
• Safe and reliable
• save space
• easy to use and easy to use
• Clean and free of debris
• Fast cutting, high production speed and profitability
• easy to use and easy to use
• Will not burn the product, will not produce toxic gases

Multi-application in a variety of textile materials, cutting, sewing, welding, cutting, embossing.
PP woven fabric
• Sun protection fabric
• Home textiles
• Filter fabrics
• Geotextiles
• Knitted fabrics

 Name HLC300 Ultrasonic Cutting Systems
Types Straight Handle
 Power Rating  300watts
 Frequency  40kHz
 Diversity  Can be equipped with five kinds of head
 Power Supply  CSCG1600
 Power Supply Box Size  380x235x125mm
 Net Weight  4.7 – 20kg
 Voltage  110v,50/60Hz/220V
 Customized (Yes/No)  Yes