Project Description

HGC500 ultrasonic cutting machine for fabric

Product Description
The HGC500 ultrasonic cutting machine for fabric (Pistol Handgrip) developed by CHEERSONIC ultrasonic system of fabric processing equipment, the entire fabric processing process are introduced ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic hand-held cutting equipment to achieve the desired effect of fabric treatment, ultrasonic shearing machine using ultrasonic energy to open the molecular bond of the object to be processed, so the object will not be forcibly cut damage. Ultrasonic hand-held cutting equipment, cutting the fabric effect is very delicate, high-end products and special products is the best way to deal with.

Optional Head Models
ultrasonic cutting machine for fabric

• Use ultrasonic cutting, incision beautiful and complete, neat and smooth, no burr
• Hand-held ultrasonic cutting equipment features that do not require sharp blades, do not require a lot of pressure, will not cause damage to the cutting material
• The cut has a fusion to prevent the material to be cut from loosening
• Minimal blade bending produces more direct cuts
• High production speed and benefit advantages

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• Awning
• Interior curtain fabric
• Any fusible fabric
• Filter fabrics

 Name HGC500 Ultrasonic Cutting Machines
Types Pistol Handgrip
 Power Rating  500watts
 Frequency  40kHz
 Diversity  Can be equipped with five kinds of head
 Power Supply  CSCG1600
 Power Supply Box Size  380x235x125mm
 Net Weight  4.7 – 20kg
 Voltage  110v,50/60Hz/220V
 Customized (Yes/No)  Yes