Project Description

COS500 ultrasonic fabric cutting machine

Product Description
The COS500 ultrasonic fabric cutting machine can be mounted on looms and brackets and offers the possibility of cutting the fabric in one step. This structure is used both for ultrasonic edge cutting or for central cutting of synthetic fabrics. Production speed may vary depending on the details of the synthetic fiber, such as thickness and composition. This ultrasonic automated cutting machine consists of a clamping unit that can be easily connected to a pre-existing machine consisting of a 40kH transducer, sonotrode, pneumatic cylinder and cutting head assembly.

• Automatable
• Fast and efficient
• Low power consumption, good effect, small noise and small size.
• Easy to operate
• More custom-designed tool head
• High quality connectors to reduce loose connections

Used in a variety of textile materials, the following list of commonly used examples:
PP woven fabric
• Sun protection fabric
• Home textiles
• Filter fabrics
• Geotextiles
• Knitted fabrics

 Name COS500 ultrasonic fabric cutting machine
 Frequency  40kHz
 Power Rating  500watts
 Power Supply  CSG1000A
 Power Supply Box Size  380x235x125mm
 Net Weight  6kg
 Voltage  110v,50/60Hz/220V
 Customized (Yes/No)  Yes